Magro P180




The Magro P180 is the next generation in shallow water skiff design. Chris Morejohn’s legendary career as a boat designer and builder has spanned 40 years and hundreds of boats. He created the Magro P180 exclusively for Piranha Boatworks. This cutting-edge design takes what has made Chris Morejohn’s so skiffs special over the years and brings these designs into the 21st century, with consideration for the extra weight needed for today’s gear. Shallow water anchors, trolling motors, coolers, tackle and much more add to the increased loads needed to hunt your favorite species. The Magro P180 is ready for it all. Get Predacious on a Piranha.


The design produced a hull that can manage speeds of close to 50 mph in open water and the buoyancy and improved tracking while poling through the shallow water. The lower reverse and upper spray chines offer an extremely dry ride. The sharp entry of the bow makes for a smooth ride in open bays and waterways. This is the coming revolution in shallow water site fishing. Get predacious in new Magro P180 skiff.