In 1989 Craig Johnson set out to create a new kind of flats skiff. The shallow water anglers of Southwest Florida needed a different kind of boat to replace the heavy and unwieldy skiffs made with chopped glass, woven materials, and wood coring. Craig drew from his background in model design and manufacturing in the automotive industry, combined them with his love of boating, and the Piranha flats skiff was born. His goal was to create a strong yet lightweight skiff that could support a shallower draft and use smaller, lighter motors.

Craig’s first boats were tri hulls, designed to be working boats for fishing and skiing with large center consoles. But in 1993 inspiration struck and Craig created the original Piranha 14 foot flats boat. After four years of research and development, Craig introduced the Piranha 1700 flats boat. Both of these exceptional boats have remained staples in the world of flats fishing ever since. We are proud to say that our boats are just as well-crafted and ingenuitive today as they were in 1993.
Our Piranha boats are still made the same way, combining Craig’s winning design with the newest and highest quality materials. We use a Nida Core Foam core instead of wood, biaxial fiberglass, and high quality spec, low profile, polyester resins. Piranha Boatworks has always produced each boat one at a time, making our boats some of the most durable and well-made skiffs on the market. Our boats are hand-laminated and each boat is crafted to meet your specifications.
In 2015 Piranha moved to Sanford, Florida. Our Florida location allows us to stay close to the plentiful fisheries of Florida. In central Florida we are still close enough to support our customer base in the Carolina’s, the Gulf Coast states, and Texas.